Sunday Worship 11am, Bible Fellowship 10am, Wednesday Spiritual Formation 7pm.

Plentiful Harvest Kitchen

You Are Invited! That's right, you can join us each week as we gather for table fellowship.  Each Sunday afternoon from 4-6PM the Plentiful Harvest Kitchen hosts an evening meal. The meal is free of charge and everyone is welcome to come and dine together as a community. At MGCOG, we both eat at and serve the tables as we break bread with our community. We hope that you will join us this Sunday beginning at 4PM for dinner. Plentiful Harvest Kitchen is located at 1830 Celanese Road, Rock Hill, SC 29732.


Thanks for joining us online, we also would like a chance to welcome you in person at any of our Gatherings, Formations or Conversations. We know that entering into an active and engaged community can be a little intimidating, but we sincerely value nemw perspectives and voices in our community and hope that you will add yours as we join together on our journey through life and faith. Knowing each day our journey unfolds with twists and turns, ups and downs, but with each step of our divinely designed path, God is there working on, in, and through our lives. Mt. Gallant offers us an intentional place to take our spiritual formation serious as we: Gather, Grow, Serve, and Invite. So go ahead and join the journey with our community of faith and let’s see where God takes us.

Spiritual Formation

Let's meet in the middle of each week on Wednesday nights to study God's holy word. As we gather in fellowhship, prayer, and song in a  unique experience to delve deeper into God's word, we learn how we can become more like Jesus, individually and as an authenic community of faith. So, join us this week, as our amazing pastor breaks down the scriptures, illustrating how they are poignant and relevant still today. And if that wasn't enough, come get to know some of God's best people on the planet!

Wednesday at 7pm, MGCOG, Rock Hill, or online, just click here  Watch Us Live .